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Rei da praia Embratel 2013 – AO VIVO – LIVE

REI DA PRAIA 2013WHO WILL BE THE REI DA PRAIA ???QUEM SERÁ A REI DA PRAIA ???Harley Marques, Bruno Oscar Schmidt, Evandro Junior, Alison Conte Cerutti, Ricardo Santos, Emanuel Scheffer, Pedro Solberg, Cunha Pedro and Vitor Felipe AO VIVO – LIVE IS FINISHED NOW RESULTADOS / RESULTS 1   A   Bruno S. / Pedro […]

Rainha da praia Embratel 2013 – Who will be the next Rainha ??

Who Will be the RAINHA da Praia Embratel 2013 ?? Rebecca, Talita, Maria Elisa, Vivian, Juliana, Taiana, Lili or Barbara Ipanema sand will receive the King and Queen of the beach Embratel, the most charming and traditional beach volley tournament of Brazil. The 2013 Edition brings 16 elite athletes to compete at the top of […]